Flow Mentorship Program

Are you ready to achieve your dreams without the overwhelm and stress?

This program is for you who always knew there was more, that YOU were meant for more.

In spite of worldly success, the cup is still somehow empty. Maybe you are feeling frustrated, overwhelmed, or even stuck in a situation where there is never enough time for the things that really matter to you? 

You are a loyal person with a big heart, always willing to walk that extra mile to deliver the results as promised (in fact, most of the time you deliver more than expected...). You are not afraid to take on responsibility, no quite to the contrary. You happily step in whenever someone needs help and support, even if it means late nights on the laptop, skipping lunch, or losing sleep.

Yes, you work hard and are used to achieving your goals, and yet there is little satisfaction in your life.

Well, it doesn’t have to be this way.

Imagine having more time and energy for the things that really matter to you. Achieving more, without working harder. Experiencing flow, presence, and balance. 

In the Flow Mentorship Program, we will dive deep to uncover your dreams and your highest inner potential. It's your journey and I am here to support you.

Who am I to teach you how to live your life with less stress and more ease and joy?

I always knew there was more. I was trying to fit in, working too hard, always driven by the goal, but not really having the courage to step into my full power.

I was held back by perfectionism, anxiety, and the hunger for validation.

But I came to a point where it was no longer possible to stay. I was tired, empty, and depleted. Ten years ago I was really close to burnout and knew something had to change. I went to Bali for a yoga teacher training and everything shifted. Not overnight, but step by step. I became more present, felt more alive, and knew I wanted to help more people reconnect with their authentic selves.

Today I work with passionate leaders who are ready to reach for their dream and create the authentic and joyful life they deserve. If this is for you, you can now apply to my Flow Mentorship Program.

I have 25 years of leadership experience, I’m a mother of 3 and have invested in my own personal development for 14 years. What I teach is a combination of leadership, positive psychology, neuroscience, and a dose of mindful, Eastern philosophy.

We will work together for 6 months to set audacious goals, create life-changing plans, and make sure you build a solid foundation for an amazing life on your terms.

The Flow Mentorship Program is an individual program where we work together for 6 months in sessions divided into three powerful Acts:

  • Act 1 – Clarity: Building the Foundation
  • Act 2 – Direction: Creating the Roadmap
  • Act 3 – Resources: Setting You up for Success

The sessions are in English or Swedish, upon your choice.

What is included?

You will get:

  • On-boarding session 90 minutes
  • 12 individual 60-minute sessions of training and coaching
  • Implementation exercises
  • Worksheets
  • Individual support 
  • BONUS! A meditation recorded exclusively for you.

It’s my mission to inspire and support you to make the changes you are longing for.

Therefore I invite you now to join my Flow Mentorship Program

I only take 3 clients per month in the Flow Mentorship Program.

If you want this, but you are not ready to sign up, I invite you to book a FREE Strategy Call. Use this link to book your call:


*6 months with a session every second week. 

3 Modules

Act 1 - Clarity: Building the Foundation

After going through this module you will see that there are infinite possibilities and that you have the power to create the change you are longing for, both in your personal life and your work life.

Act 2 - Direction: Towards a New Future

In this Act, you will build on your insights from Act 1 and start creating your New Roadmap.

Now you are ready to turn your attention towards your future, your goal, and the life you are ready to create.

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